Where I live in Melbourne Australia we are just emerging from our second lockdown that started in July it was long and tough almost all our usual amenities were closed including: non-essential shops/ gyms/ restaurants/cafes (takeaway only)/ cinemas/ museums/ zoos, no visitors allowed in our homes the list goes on.

As we emerge from this lockdown life is starting to return to a 'new' normal. We are still in the stage of lifting restrictions slowly and the plan is this will continue until Xmas when we hope to have a 'covid normal Xmas'.

Today I attended my very first exercise class in person on site at my studio it was a reformer pilates class and I couldn't stop smiling at what used to feel like just an exercise class (I sometimes dreaded but knew it was good for me) today felt like a luxury. I have been doing mat pilates on my bedroom floor for months and months which has been great but there was nothing like the feeling of being in the same room as the instructor and other participants as opposed to being on a screen.

I have to say though as a mum of two small kids I do love the convenience of doing classes from home. So as we re-enter this new world we live in pre-vaccine I intend to keep up my zoom exercise while enjoying the occasional on site class.

I have also found that both myself and family have really enjoyed the slower pace of life, as life starts to go back to normal I find myself rushing around again with 10,000 on my to- do list. I am now pausing and reminding myself of those quieter moments we recently experienced and trying to incorporate them into our lives.

Good luck getting out there and finding your new normal.

Love MM xx

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